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                   Frances Searles - Hypnotherapist
                        (Dip.Hyp, GQHP, GHR Reg, GHSC Practitioner, CNHC reg, HYLLTC)
                                  Heal Your Life Licensed Teacher, Workshop Leader and Coach
Hello and welcome to Affirm Hypnotherapy!
As you are looking here you are obviously interested in Hypnotherapy...either for yourself or for someone who is important to you.
Do you have something in mind you'd like to change or feel more positive about, but don't know how?  Hypnotherapy differs from other therapies in offering a rapid, highly focused but also relaxing approach to the treatment of everyday problems.

Treating both adults and children, the following list gives an idea of issuesthat Frances at Affirm Hypnotherapy can help you , or someone you care about, with:-

Weight Management & Healthy Eating
Selective "picky" eaters
Nail & Finger Biting
Self-confidence / Self-esteem
Stress Management
Unwanted Habits
Anxiety / Panic Attacks
Relationship Issues
Memory Enhancement
Sleep Problems
Exams/tests/study anxiety
Pain Relief
Coping with illness/operations
Social anxiety
School Phobia
Blushing / Hot Flashes / Sweating
Fear of flying
Hair pulling
Fears and Phobias
Loss and bereavement
and more . . . . .Since many positive results can be achieved using hypnotherapy, please feel free to ask me about other areas not mentioned.

Frances at Affirm Hypnotherapy knows that there are many fears and misunderstandings about the use of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. These myths have been hyped up by television “performers” during stage hypnosis (it is called “stage” for a reason!) and understandably that can sometimes cause unnecessary anxiety or concern about this form of therapy, particularly when it comes to feeling in control.

The fact is that, used correctly and by fully trained professional therapists, Hypnotherapy is an astonishingly effective treatment method for a huge number of both psychological and physical difficulties and conditions.
Hypnotherapy is used to help facilitate changes that are difficult to implement using pure willpower.
It is a safe, relaxing way to change your unwanted thoughts, emotions or behaviours.
Hypnotherapy has no harmful side effects and it is not unusual that, within a few sessions, relief is found from a problem that may have persisted for years and been unresponsive to other treatments.
Hypnotherapy with Frances  involves taking time for you to talk about yourself and your problem, and then during hypnosis you will feel comfortable, peaceful & relaxed and your subconscious mind will be receptive to the person-centred suggestions relating to your goal. From a detailed consultation, getting to know everything about you, Frances will create a personalised programme, just for you and the issues for which you are seeking help.

Frances at Affirm Holistic Health & Well Being takes a professional attitude to her therapeutic services. Frances is a full-time practitioner, welcoming her clients in comfortable, professional consultation rooms in her home village of Kingsdown, nr Deal, Kent 
Over the past three decades, Frances has trained and qualified in many complementary therapies and treatments, which can work amazingly well alongside Hypnotherapy.
Her interest first started as personal development with an interest to find out more about alternative treatments for herself, her family, and friends.
In the past fifteen years she has taken this interest to a professional level and has trained and qualified to be able to offer the benefits of these treatments and therapies to others.
These treatments all work in a wonderfully holistic way whether as a stand alone therapy or alongside each other - mix & match - this includes amazing results when used with Hypnotherapy too!

Other therapies and treatments including: 
Reiki (Usui and Angel Reiki), Hopi Ear Candling, Energy Balancing, Chakra Balancing,  Flower Remedies, Crystal Energy, Stress Release and Relaxation techniques, Heal Your Life Workshops and Coaching.
Frances says about Hypnotherapy.....
"I chose to study counselling, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy because I have always been interested in people and human behaviour. 
I believe that people are incredibly resourceful, and I see hypnotherapy as an effective and wonderfully exciting tool to help them find their inner resources to make the changes they desire in life. 
I am delighted to be working in this field and I am continually impressed at the range of problems that hypnotherapy can help. 
I am friendly, non-judgemental, and you can be assured that I will keep everything we discuss totally confidential. 
I treat each client differently, choosing from a range of techniques that, when brought together, will bring about rapid change, hypnotherapy is an interactive relationship where client and therapist work together.
I offer a FREE initial consultation to new clients.  During this consultation we will discuss  the details around the matter for hypnotherapy, your expectations, and what a change could mean to you. You are not under any obligation to proceed...... although once you understand what hypnotherapy can do for you, I'm sure you'll be keen to start!"

Frances is a registered Hypnotherapist with The General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) and registered with The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC) as a validated practitioner. 

Since qualifying as a Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist, Frances has been committed to Post Graduate training, continued professional development and regular supervision.  Frances has also had the pleasure of being trained by Lynda Hudson, who is one of the leading clinical hypnosis practitioners and lecturers specialising in using hypnosis with children.
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